Transforms any HUGE monitor to be interactive

What are we doing

TACT a kit of infrared detector and electronic pen, that transforms any huge monitor into fast and accurate interactive surface for collaboration, whether it was a TV screen or even a projected wall

What makes it special

Unlike electronic boards that are easily damaged with wear and tear, TACT converts any monitor even a projected wall to be interactive.
Works with any Projector, any TV screen, any software.
Large monitors
Transforms LARGE screens/monitors into a fast and accurate interactive surface up to 150 inches.
Cost Effective
Costs less than half the price of an electronic board.

How it works

  • Simply plug the TACT detector into a computer USB port.

  • Point the detector to a flat surface such as a projected wall or TV screen.

  • Now you can start using the stylus, and the new surface is completely interactive.

Watch a short demo video


A kit of infrared detector and electronic pen that transforms any HUGE monitor to be interactive suarface.


  • Provide 100 inch interactive surface, and maximum up to 150 inch.

  • Enables interactive teaching, writing, editing, taking notes and saving lessons.

  • Supports Windows, Linux and MAC.
  • TACT is very simple user interface, with simple step of calibration.

  • TACT pen is similar to the normal whiteboard marker in use and size.

  • Portable and easy to move.

Kit Includes:

  • Detector
  • 2 Stylus Pen
  • Warranty
  • USB cable
  • Extendable USB cable
  • Wall stand


What people said about it!

"Great Product by the young Egyptian innovators .... Well done"

Noha Labib Seddik

Noha Labib Seddik

"This is Awesome"

Ahmed EL Alfy

Ahmed EL Alfy
Chairman, Sawari ventures LLC