10 Advantages That Make You Buy Tact in Your Educational and Training Entity

Interactive learning based on digital technology is an effective methodology in the process of training and skills development, as it provides learners and trainees with the possibilities to make them interact with the presented materials, which is the reason behind the creation of Tact, to be an interactive tool that has the ability to improve learning outcomes, and reach them to the highest Quality standards.

Through this blog, we will identify the advantages that interactive learning provides to universities, institutes, educational bodies, training and research centers, as they are responsible for the higher education and training skill refinement after graduation, to qualify people for the labor market, in addition to the role of Tact in achieving this methodology for those entities.

The effectiveness of interactive learning and training lies in its characteristics that give learners the ability to interact with the presented material to become an unforgettable experience, where the recipients of knowledge are able to participate and respond effectively to what they are seeing, in order to achieve the deepest level of understanding, realization and speed learning; Not to mention the many advantages of including the training and interactive learning strategy with the aforementioned bodies, as it is an enjoyable methodology, provides immediate observation, and bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, which making it a successful strategy that works effectively!

  1. Interactive learning of Tact

Here we highlight some of the benefits derived from interactive learning and training, and the impact of Tact specifically as a technological tool that has the ability to transform any surface or screen into a space that can be interacted with, by displaying, writing, present images, video, and the ability to move, modify, change and redesign content, in proportion to the material presented and the type of the scientific presentation. This allows measuring the immediate reactions of those involved in learning.

  1. Rapid Response

Looking at the technology adopted by Tact in the interactive learning methodology, we find that it provides rapid response through the application of learning simulation. Tact allows the learning and training elements the ability to make many decisions and see the results of these decisions immediately, and even evaluate and determine whether The choice was good, or whether they need to try another tactic, becouse when the learner has to wait for a formal assessment at the end of the activity, they have missed out on some real-time learning opportunities!

  1. Bridging the gap between theory and practice

Tact helps bridge the gap between theory and practice. There’s a big difference between hearing how something gets done, seeing how it’s done, and doing the job yourself. This transforms theoretical knowledge into learning simulation in the form of actions, because the ability to explore multiple actions without fear of consequences is a key factor in the success of future practices when facing various problems.

  1. Enhance team spirit

Tact promotes the concept of teamwork by allowing four users simultaneously, which helps in building team spirit, and engaging in learning or training activity more interactively. Although this concept is sometimes overlooked, building relationships among the elements of the learning process is an important part of successful skills training and qualification, especially when learners see themselves working toward a common goal. Interactive team-based learning activities allow to build relationships while solving problems together, and working collaboratively among peers, which makes a person see a problem from an angle, he would not have thought of it alone, which enriches the outcomes of education.

  1. different learning styles

Tact offers various types of learning that suit the reception of different people, which each person has a learning style, and “Tact as an interactive learning tool can provide a simulation of learning in several audio-visual ways that the traditional lecture scenario does not do, which allowing learning materials to reach the largest number of recipients.

  1. A better learning tool

Studies have proven that videos have a great impact on the brain because they help to retain information for a longer period of time, and that the brain’s ability to capture and store an image faster than text, makes Tact an effective interactive learning tool in training or self-study. When visual images are associated with emotions in the human brain, they are referred to as memories. This is why visual content or any images create long-lasting memories.

  1. simplify learning

Tact helps to interact with the lecturers and facilitates the learning experience by presenting complex topics in a simple form through audio-visual materials. By simply looking at information visually such as graphs, pictures, charts, and videos, a complex topic can be understood, leading to better learning outcomes.

  1. Attract attention and focus

According to some research, people today have an attention span of only 8 seconds! This makes it difficult for them to handle some topics unless they are visually appealing and pleasing. This is what Tact takes into account in view of the shorter attention span, and its ability to modify learning methods in relation to the interest of learners and trainees and to enhance their better understanding.

  1. cost saving

Tact as an interactive learning tool is featured by its affordable price when compared to other alternatives. All it takes is a “projector” or a computer connected to the Internet, thus saving money on books or any other learning sources, through Tact you can browse information, displayed and interacted with in a simple and easy way.

  1. fun and excitement

Learning using only text and lectures seems boring and featureless at times, but Tact gives Learning and training bodies the opportunity to mix science with fun and visual and auditory excitement to improve the levels of recipients focus.

Interactive learning combined with other methods provides a good approach that is able to reach the learners, making mistakes without risk in interactive training relieves the anxiety of decision making. It is important for learners and trainees to practice the scenarios they have to hone their skills in without risk, increasing their confidence in their ability to handle anything that happens when they are in a real situation! This is some of what Tact offers… After all, don’t you think that Tact’s many advantages in interactive learning are worth incorporating into your training and learning curriculum?