10 Reasons to Make Presentations Fun Using the Interactive Device Tact

The difference between a regular presentation and an interesting presentation is the extent to which the listening audience is involved with the presenter! Have you ever ended up sitting through a presentation during the workday and started to think it was boring? Did your features start to stroll, and did you find yourself counting down the minutes? Often the reason behind this is the low level of interaction between those present and the recipients of the presentation.


It is smart for the presenter to use many and varied methods to be able to attract the attention of his audience, whether this audience is colleagues at work or this audience is a customer, which definitely needs the element of interaction and fascination to reach your goal which requires to focus with every word you say. Thus, he gets all the information he needs so that he can get convinced of the points of view that you are presenting.


Before we dive deeper into the elements that make your presentation at work an effective and influential one, let us first talk briefly about how important presentation is for many different fields of work!


How companies are using business presentations?


Different companies use presentations in various fields (from engineering – agriculture – medical fields – marketing fields and other fields). And these companies rely on it as the fastest tool for presenting lectures and seminars based on presentation design programs, the most famous of which is Microsoft PowerPoint, which is a program that specializes in designing templates and digital content that contain images, sounds, videos, and texts.

PowerPoint users can select the design that best describes the project and fits the nature of the presentation. It must be well-organized. PowerPoint is one of the four main programs in the Microsoft Office package and one of the most well-known. PowerPoint rose to prominence as a result of the advancements and updates that Microsoft gladly includes in each new version of the program. This is what assisted it to develop into one of the most important programs in the field of designing introduction presentations.

The interactive Tact device enables interactive slideshows of any PowerPoint presentation as well as any PowerPoint-like application such as Google Slides or similar presentation apps.


Why does Tact add an element of fun to a presentation?


The Tact is known as the interactive device. This is because Tact has features that make it a device that stimulates interaction between the presenter and the audience. This is done by:


  1. Tact’s ability to convert any screen or display area, including projectors, into a fast and accurate interactive surface measuring up to 150 inches! This gives you complete control over everything that appears in front of your audience on the display screen.
  2. The ability to display data on the device in an interactive manner with employees and customers.
  3. The ability to share the content with more than one individual using one Tact device at the same time.
  4. You can add notes that have been taken during the meeting using Tact’s pen and save it for the presentation to use or share them later with the presentation audience.
  5. The possibility of recording meetings on the intermediate device between the TACT and the display space, such as a laptop.
  6. Tact clarifies many ideas through the interaction of the attendees and the addition of visual and audio presentation means such as an explanatory video for the presentation project.
  7. You can turn a boring meeting into an entertaining one by using the interaction of the displayed content.
  8. Tact is compatible with all computers and systems, and can be used with all types of projectors and digital screens.
  9.   Engaging the senses of the audience keeps them entertained and engaged with your presented content.
  10. Tact allows attendees to expand the experiences gained, and facilitates positive discussions among company staff or presentation clients.


Previous customer experiences:


There is no doubt that humans, by nature, believe what they experience or, at the very least, what they see others around them trying and finding effective. As a result, we will share some of the most important businessmen’s experiences, who not only use Tact to develop their company and their work but also use everything advanced to make the experience enjoyable for the attendees and their employees.

The experience of the businessman Mr. Ahmed Abu Hashima:


The famous businessman Abu Hashima expressed his admiration and respect for the device’s technology, and his opinion is a source of pride for Tact. He also praised the concept and its production collaboration with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, which is known for its high quality and attention to all details and steps.


The Experience of Executive Director Ibrahim Rushdi Al-Jundi:


The Executive Director of Café Caribou, Ibrahim Rushdi Al-Jundi, explained that the Tact device has changed many of the company’s problems in presentations, such as returning frequently to the laptop to move between one page and the next, and also represented the routine that employees are accustomed to during official meetings, which are known for stagnation and lack of interaction between each other. He also stated that the Tact device is a (Hale) device in his opinion.


With the testimony of two of the largest businessmen in the field, we can conclude one thing: Tact adds good times to presentations in various fields of business. As a result, Interact Labs seeks to always meet the expectations of Tact users and to develop products that do the same.