Fostering Students’ Participation Through Interactive Learning Journey

Educational technology has contributed to the development of educational tools globally and locally in Egypt!

For decades, we see that university education has been confined to lectures given by the professor and received by the student in the traditional way, which had to be the intervention of technological development to contribute to the development of teaching methods, tools and methods. In order to understand how university education adapts to the new reality and modern teaching methods, we will shed light on how to transform students from recipients to participants by taking interactive education curricula and tools in universities!

What is interactive education?

Interactive education is an educational approach that integrates interaction and participation between students and professor using technology, which aims to engage students by having them directly apply knowledge gained from scientific theories using interactive tools and other virtual teaching aids!


Benefits of interactive education

– Interactive education attract attention

Studies have proven that the mind of the teacher who relies on an interactive tool during the explanation is more present in the participatory process compared to the teacher who relies on the usual traditional indoctrination methods.

– Interactive education strengthens memory and creativity

Visual memory works effectively and stronger in terms of storing scientific material and understanding experiments when providing an opportunity for interaction and participation, which enhances the student’s ability to remember information during exams and tests.

– Interactive education enhances participation and production

Contributes to evoking the state of alertness during the time of the explanation to be an interactive student, a participant and a producer of the educational process and not just a passive recipient of information. It contributes to providing an interactive environment that allows receiving concepts without obstacles. Interaction and participation between professor and students.

Interactive learning tools and Tact device

Interactive learning tools include a variety of techniques that require specific skills of professors to allow participation and interaction between students in universities compared to traditional study environments on the myth of the ideal student who is always committed.

Innovative technology tool

Interact Labs has developed a revolutionary device with innovative technology in the world of interactive education to provide a tool that is the future of interactive education in schools and universities. Tact is a unique Egyptian-made device that transforms any display space, whether it is a projector or screen, to be an interactive screen of up to 150 inches, so that the university professor can explain and display lectures interactively, to be an easy-to-use and effective tool that contributes to transforming from a recipient student to a participant in the interactive education journey.

How to use Tact

A device that is easy to use and install, and its operation does not require technical complications. All that is needed is to connect the “tact” to a computer or “laptop” and point it to the TV screen or the same display surface that the “projector” is directed to, and then interact with the displayed material; By watching the demonstration video, you can learn how to use the Tact device.

Leading Universities and Tact.

The university administration has become aware of the importance of the interaction method during lectures and influencing students and their understanding of the lesson, so it is racing to own tools that help in development.

By owning the interactive device Tact, one of the effective and easy-to-use tools in delivering the scientific material to students interactively, by transforming the lesson display area into an interactive screen.

Among the universities that rely on TACT as an interactive tool in lectures:

  • Nile University
  • Mansoura University
  • El Sadat University
  • German University In Cairo (GUC)
  • American University In Cairo (AUC)
  • Ain Shams University
  • Suez Canal University
  • Zagazig University

Moving education from the traditional system to active interactive education and using its tools is the best investment in terms of investing in the human being and the human mind.

For this, we provide the Tact device for teachers and universities with technology that allows the application of the methodology of interaction and participation to improve students’ attention, communicate information in an effective manner, and help transform a recipient student into a participant in an enjoyable interactive learning journey!