TACT The Mobile interactive whiteboard

Can a teacher go anywhere with a small smart board that fits in a laptop bag or briefcase?

With the incredible and rapid advancement of technology, it has become possible to carry out things that were previously impossible to imagine or achieve. Interact Labs, a leading Egyptian company in the field of technology and software, was able to develop the interactive Tact device that can transform any screen or projector display space on a regular surface, such as a wall or a whiteboard, into a smart interactive surface of up to 150 inches.

That is, it is possible to interact with whatever is displayed on the surface of the screen without ever returning to the computer, such as opening files, video clips, audio clips, or written files like Word and PDF, and interacting with them by adding notes and saving them.

It is important to note that the Tact device is compact, lightweight, and eco-friendly, making it simple to transport anywhere in a small bag.

Because it is simple for the teacher to move the TACT device, which is known by teachers as a mobile smart board, to any location, for the reasons that we will review:

  1. Easy plug-in and play
    You can use the Tact device immediately after connecting it to the computer that houses the documents and software needed to explain the lessons. It works with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Unlike the conventional smart board, which requires installing programs in order to function, TACT does not require any installation programs before use. It’s possible that some technical issues will arise while the lessons are being explained in traditional Smartboards, which could have a negative impact on the use of interactive education and its benefits.
  2. Internet and computer applications accessibility
    The interactive screen allows the teacher to easily access the Internet and open websites related to the scientific material, as well as Word or PDF files containing the scientific content. Furthermore, because the purpose of using the Tact device is interaction and control via visual content, it is simple to open audio and video files and control them during the explanation of the educational lesson. This is because it has been scientifically proven that visual information is received by the human mind 30% faster than traditional methods. In fact, theoretical methods can retain 60% of the information presented visually to the mind.
  3. The ability to take notes and save lectures
    The explanation of the study material and interaction with the scientific content displayed on the interactive display area may contribute to the presence of many discussions and observations as a result of the student’s interaction with the teacher on the scientific content, which results in writing conclusions and observations on the presentation file used, such as the WORD or the PDF. In this case, the Tact pen can include all of the entries in the file used, with the ability to save the entire annotated lecture on the computer connected to the Tact device, while returning to the lecture at a later time or sharing it with students or other teachers.
  4. Participation of more than one person in the area of interaction
    In some scientific subjects, the explanation of practical lessons requires training students to solve problems such as in mathematics or engineering, and this will require students to interact on the display area, which in this case is the smart board for students, so more than one student can interact on the display space up to four people and help each other in solving one The complex issues raised by the teacher to test them, and the interaction of the four individuals can be at the same time if they are in competition with each other on the same display space.


The Tact device was the first device used as an interactive education tool in Egypt in many universities and schools, with many advantages, such as saving time usually spent explaining lessons with complex details, accessing information faster, and retaining the student’s mind with it for a longer period of time because the student relies on more than one sense. To take in information, such as that contained in an audio or video. In addition, interaction with scientific material to receive information has been scientifically proven and positively reflected in the speed of receiving information and retaining it for a longer period of time.


As a result, using a Tact device as one of your teaching tools enables you to upgrade conventional teaching techniques to an engaging interactive learning environment that piques students’ interests in the subject matter, which in turn eliminates the distraction that frequently happens during explanation by conventional techniques.