Tact..the best educational blackboard in Egypt

Since God created Adam and humanity began, man has sought to facilitate learning and invented means to contribute to the promotion of learning. He began with oral communication and then signs, and the matter developed for letters and books, and after that, he invented chalk and boards, and the development continued until we reached what is known at present as the educational blackboard.

Thinking about the design of the educational whiteboard began in the eighties of the last century, specifically in 1987 by the Americans: David Martin and Nancy Knowlton, his wife, for one of the major technology companies in Canada and America.

The idea was to connect the computer to a sensitive screen that plays the role of the computer and relies on the touch system for navigation without the need to use the mouse or the keyboard.

The idea was largely ignored by the general public, who could not comprehend its significance or even see the need for it. Until SMART Company produced the first actual educational blackboard in 1991 and passed through the years through several stages in which its characteristics and features developed, spread across the whole world, and met a lot of enthusiasm among the public.

Through this article, we will review together what is the need of teachers, mentors, or trainers for the educational board, what are the uses of the educational board, and how does Tact device that turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard provide many advantages for all teachers? What are the prices of Tact device and why do we recommend it as an ideal solution for those looking for an educational whiteboard which turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard?

What is the educational board, and how does Tact play its role to the fullest?

An educational whiteboard, also known as an interactive smartboard, or electronic whiteboard: is a classroom tool that allows images from a computer screen to be displayed on a classroom board using a digital projector. The teacher or student can “interact” with the images directly on the screen using a tool or even by touch in the most recently used teaching technology, the educational blackboard.

Tact, in turn, plays the role of the educational blackboard to the fullest extent, as it transforms any surface into an interactive whiteboard in which the student and teacher share information, display pictures and videos, and move elements on the wall at lower costs, while the educational whiteboard is needed: device, blackboard, installation, and many technical details / all that Tact needs It is a projector and whiteboard “wall, screen, or anything” to smoothly and efficiently turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard.

The role of Tact – the educational board in enhancing communication and making the classroom funny:

With a computer connected to the internet, TACT – the smallest educational blackboard – can be used to turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard and do a quick search for example on Google for what students have studied, watch some videos and documentaries, and run live quizzes so there is interaction and a fun atmosphere in the classroom.

According to a recent article published in Yale University of America, the educational blackboard has contributed to increasing student interaction and participation in the classroom, and this is what Tact will provide specifically for all teachers, which will transform any surface into an interactive whiteboard, images, videos and presentations can be shared on it, and gives teachers and coaches an opportunity for group activities Such as brainstorming, problem-solving exercises and other advantages that Tact – the educational whiteboard provides.

Four ways for teachers to interact with students through the educational whiteboard, a Tact that turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard.

1- Providing additional content on the educational board using Tact.

An educational blackboard does not replace teaching or class time. Instead, it should be used to enhance the explanation and provide opportunities for students to deal better with the information. The teacher also has to prepare additional materials that can be used with technology with Tact that turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard before class begins – such as short videos, graphs, or problems that students can work on with the board.

2- Distinguish important information from the lesson:

Tact’s smart technology that transforms any surface into an interactive whiteboard can be used to highlight key information as you work through the lesson. Before the lesson begins, the teacher can decide which sections will be covered in the class. As each section begins, basic topics, definitions, and important data for students can be broken down on the learning board. This can also include graphics and videos in addition to text. This will help students not only to take notes but also to review future topics that you will cover.

3- Involve students in solving problems and thinking collectively.

The Tact device and its ability to transform any surface into an interactive whiteboard can be used to encourage students to work as a team and think as one. For example: present a problem to the class, then pass Tact’s pen to the students to allow them to solve it. This way, students can collaborate better in the classroom.

4- Self answering students’ questions.

By engaging students with an educational whiteboard and Tact that turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard and class questions, students can search for additional information or data on their own using smart technology.

As an exercise for you as a teacher, write the question on the board and then search for the answer with the students, and let them see how you answer the question or do they need additional research upon completion, especially with the possibility of multiple uses for four people, the feature provided by the Tact device, then you can save the results of the question and send it to the student in an email for later reference.

Try now the smallest, cheapest, and best educational whiteboard, the owner of the technology that turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard, and request a free trial of the device until our team reaches you by contacting us.… and getting Tact with a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Tact..the best educational blackboard in Egypt