Interactive Device Tact: The Perfect Solution to Today’s Education Challenges!

The field of education is not one that can be developed quickly. To achieve growth and development, it will be necessary to make a double effort to support teachers and help them use technology and new solutions to develop education and address the majority of the field’s challenges.


The education field faces many challenges, so in order to guarantee the effectiveness and quality of your lectures, you as a teacher must keep up with all of the latest developments in technology. This problem has primarily occurred as a result of the widespread use of countless technological solutions by both teachers and students. As a result, they become distorted, making it challenging for them to concentrate. They must generate a lot of effort before they can focus on scientific information, which is frequently challenging to fully understand the material presented.


Thereby, Interact Labs provides you with the best answer to educational problems through its interactive device Tact, which is connected to your computer or laptop and then connected to the appropriate display screen, such as a projector or smart board. This allows the device’s users to transform any surface into a smart and interactive surface that transmits the student’s mind and transforms them from recipients to attentive listeners and interactives. (Read more).

We’ll go over the most important causes of the educational challenges and how to deal with them using the interactive device tact!

What are the causes of the educational challenges?


  1. Mobile phones distraction:

Due to the widespread use of smartphones and other electronic devices that record both audio and visual content, students can now spend a lot of time with them. In addition to the constant competition and passing of time, students often waste a lot of time playing video games when they should be studying.


  1. Different concepts of success among students:

The definition of success among students today has changed. In order to prevent the situation from reaching the loss of many students of this generation due to their mistaken belief that success depends only on the percentage of their fame and popularity on social media, regardless of the content they provide through their electronic pages, we were unable to convert these concepts from their astonishment and guide them in the right direction.


  1. World race:

The world is in a continuous race in terms of achieving goals in smart and easy ways. Students enjoy the feeling that they are always in charge! In the case of the study, students want to make an effort to enjoy themselves so that they do not get tired of studying as a whole. Some teachers meet this wish by providing information in interesting and attractive ways. Others ignore them, and if this segment doesn’t include every student, he loses a significant portion of his students.

What is the solution? Teachers often ask this question in response to educational challenges, but Interact Labs has carefully examined the situation, developed the interactive Tact device with cutting-edge technology, and introduced it to the educational market as the ideal remedy to these challenges. The techniques used by the interactive TACT device to handle the challenges are covered in more detail below.

How should educational problems be handled?


Tact depends on interacting with electronic devices and displays, which indirectly draws students’ attention and directs their attention, focusing more on the part of the display or the relevant screen that contains the information that is meant for them to understand.


Tact also depends on the reward system: if students can analyze questions and exercises correctly, they will be rewarded. They can accumulate points and advance academically, to encourage healthy competition and provide students with stimulating challenges. Thus, it encourages them to study until they increase their balance of points. You can learn more about earning points through the partnership between Tact and Mozabook. Read more here.


Tact depends on advanced technology, and this advances education generally and gives students a sense of accomplishment and advancement. This is useful for education because:

  1. It guarantees their high concentration.
  2. It raises their participation rate among themselves.
  3. Fun is an essential element during the lesson.
  4. They stimulate their participation spirit.
  5. It attracts their minds and ideas and their effective presence.
  6. Encouraging students to fully understand the lesson’s fundamental ideas and concepts.


What are the advantages that come with the TACT device?


Because an interactive device relies on interaction and drawing attention, Interckett Babs made sure to collaborate with the most successful businesses in the education sector to give you access to a fully integrated educational experience that begins with the device purchase and continues through the active pen that goes along with it and the interactive sites. Read on to learn more about these sites:


Tact and Mozabook partnership:

Mozabook allows the provision of interactive content for all subjects in addition to the ability to coordinate an exam in seconds during the explanation process so that the student can make  sure of his understanding of the explained lessons! If you want to read more about the Tact partnership with Mozabuk and learn more information, you can read the  blog: The partnership of Interact Labs with Mozabook is the reason behind the renaissance of interactive education.


Tact and Vlaby Virtual Laboratory:

The Vlaby virtual laboratory integration with TACT offers more benefits for teaching scientific concepts, especially for science, physics, and chemistry subjects that require practical experiences to make the teacher’s explanation smoother and the students’ understanding become easier. You can visit the virtual laboratory site to get to know more about the Vlaby app.


In the end, you should be aware that the Tact device is working toward the same objective if you want to advance your class, school, or students in particular. If there is a goals agreement, the achievement happens quickly.