5 Reasons Makes TACT The Interactive Learning Tool At Schools

Education and its cognitive methodologies are in dire need to keep pace with the outputs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution based on information technology and algorithms, to meet contemporary challenges, and to graduate generations capable of engaging in professional life, by possessing the labor market skills.

interactive learning

The education system is not isolated from the current changes, where it uses all the constituents and capabilities available to make a positive and effective impact on the school and the entire educational environment, which puts the responsibility on principals to build a roadmap that chases knowledge and achieve the most successful results in the learning system’s outputs.

Therefore, if we look closely, we will find that the term interactive learning is one of the most widely used methodologies in the development of educational policies.

The concept of interactive learning lies in devising innovative cognitive methods in which students participate to carry out activities with their peers during the lessons. The interactive approach to any lesson encourages students to interact with each other and with the topic, through an educational method that allows the integration of all parties of the educational process together.

Transformation Booster

We are now in the era of developing tools and means, and because of this, Tact was created to be interactive technological teaching tool capable of transforming any screen, traditional whiteboard or surface exposed to a projector into an interactive space, not only at the level of students’ interaction with each other or with their teacher, but at the level of Presented material as we will explain.

Tact is gonna help you to transform the educational process into an interactive space that integrates the various elements of the learning process. Here we stand at the most prominent 5 characteristics of Tact that will make it your innovative and economical tool, if  you have decided to adopt it as a tool for interactive learning in your education system.

Not a Projector

Tact is the first 100% Egyptian-manufactured device that transforms display surfaces into interactive spaces, but it is not a projector, because it requires a screen, a display surface or a projector to perform its role, which is to convert visual materials, whether images, videos, graphics or educational materials into interactive means that can be dealt, modify, design or write on it through compatible softwares, such as: “Microsoft Office” and “Zoom”.

 Interactive Technology

Tact works on two levels of the interactive concept, the first of which focuses on the interaction of the elements of the educational process in two directions. Represented between the teacher and the students, or the students among themselves, where Tact is able to be used by 4 people at the same time, through dedicated pens that are accompanied by the device, which enhances participation and interaction in the classroom.

While the second level of interaction targets the technical aspect, which allows the user to interact in real with the presented material, and the possibility of modifying, changing, or even reconfiguring and designing it directly on the display surface, which makes Tact superior to all other interactive education alternatives.

Affordable Alternative

Tact excellence not only in its technological innovation, but also in its very reasonable price compared to interactive learning tools that are expensive and difficult to maintain, especially the smart board, for example, unlike Tact, which is characterized by its affordable cost, and comes with a 3-year warranty and fast maintenance, and after-sales services, as being an Egyptian-manufactured product.

Tact is characterized by the quality of its components, strong material, and small portable size, which allows it to be carried easily with one hand, and the possibility of transferring it between classrooms, unlike the large-sized smart board. Tact can also be purchased in installments and without a down payment through a number of Egyptian banks, which adds to the advantages of the economic feasibility of the device.

Easy to Use

Tact is a device that is easy to use and install, and its operation does not require technical complications. All that is needed is to connect the Tact to a computer or laptop and point it to the TV screen or the same display surface as the projector, and then interact with the displayed material; All these advanced technological characteristics make Tact an alternative and a solution for school administrators who are looking for effective and influential tools in the development of the educational process, which helps to adapt to accelerating changes, in a manner that carries flexibility and continuity to keep pace with development and concepts of renewal and creativity.