Smart board problems and the appropriate alternative as an interactive learning tool!

Interactive education is an pedagogical approach that integrates interaction and participation between students and professor using technology. Interactive learning tools and the use of digital and virtual technology have developed in recent years, especially by students. What requires teachers and schools to have virtual educational tools such as the smart board, so we will highlight the most important problems of the smart board and its costs and modern alternative solutions such as teaching tools for teachers, schools and universities.

What is a smart board?

There is no doubt that the smart board provided a lot of solutions that made it easier for both the teacher and the learner in the educational process, as it was easy for the teacher to explain the lesson, saving a lot of time in writing the lesson on the board and in students writing the lesson in the study notes, where the connected computer On the board, transfer the lesson to the last and distribute it to all the students present in the lesson.

This was one of the most famous smart board solutions and how it facilitated all parties in the educational process, especially saving time and dealing with tools and programs attached to it.

This is in addition to the fact that the board is a smart solution connected to a computer that allows the educational process to display pictures and educational video media with audio and video and write notes on the board while the teacher is explaining the lesson.

Smart board problems and disadvantages

  • The high price of the smart board makes its use limited to some schools that can afford such a cost.
  • The smart board is a technical solution in nature, so a user has to receive training to use it professionally in order to be able to explain the lessons smoothly and easily. This also makes the use of the smart board difficult for young students, and here it will be an obstacle rather than a solution for these students.
  • The emergence of some problems and errors recorded as a result of a malfunction or the wrong use of the smart board, where the teacher has to solve the malfunction in an instant or wait until a technician arrives to solve the problem.
  • It must be placed in a place of certain dimensions and space to provide the required distance between it and the students so that the content is clear. And other obstacles.

The alternative solution to the smart board, “Tact” device

With the advancement of technology and time, the Tact device, which was issued by the Interact Labs software company, would be the most appropriate and alternative solution to provide an enjoyable interactive education for students, including the issue of the high price, as the price of the Tact device ranges from 20% to 30% of the price of this smart board. We did not mention the durability and advantages of the Tact device compared to the smart board.

The use of the Tact device is so easy that it does not require time for you to use it smoothly to explain the lessons and lectures.

Because of the advanced TACT technology, technical problems are almost non-existent and will not hinder the course of the educational process. It is possible to use the Tact device on many systems, and its use is not limited to one system without it, which does not work as is the case in the smart board.

As we explained in the previous blog, “Tact” is a smart interactive alternative to the smart board, as it transforms any screen or display area of up to 3 meters or more into a smart interactive display area in the fastest time and at the lowest possible cost: Tact..the best educational blackboard in Egypt.

How to use Tact

First, connect the Tact device to any computer whose contents you want to view, and then point the Tact device to the surface you want to view it on. Now the display area has become an interactive surface that can be interacted with.

Read more about the advanced advantages of the Tact device over the traditional interactive whiteboard in the previous blog: 10 Advantages That Make You Buy Tact in Your Educational and Training Entity, and watch a YouTube video on how to install and use the Tact device.

Interactive education focuses on the interaction between technology, tools, software, and web applications that support creativity and on interaction and participation between teacher and students. Therefore, having a tool that is competitively priced and easy to use in educational environments is important to enable the interactive curriculum to deliver the message. You can read our blog about how interactive education transforms from a student to a participant in the interactive education journey: Fostering Students’ Participation Through Interactive Learning Journey.